4PatientCare Application

Client Profile

4PatientCare is a healthcare firm providing best healthcare services to clients seeking increased value by occupying and investing in healthcare service.

4PatientCare’s mission is to create solutions that enable more happiness, efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare.

4PatientCare provides comprehensive patient engagement solutions via email, text, voice, postal, web and social media.

Program Objective

To create web based applications as well as mobile based application, to schedule the online appointment with reminder email and message before appointment date and can also change the appointment date before scheduled date.

TechCompiler Solution

TechCompiler designed and developed mobile responsive website using SAAS based architecture to get appointment online and can go through the doctors and provide the services just like email to contact the doctors, feedback of patients and their experience.

Technology Used

  • Client Applications - ASP.NET MVC, Team Foundation Server, .NET4.5, HTML5, JQuery
  • Middleware – IIS7
  • Application Management – C#

How it looks

1. User Registration


2. Schedule Appointment


3. Available Appointments