ClimbingFrames Application

Client Profile

Imaginative Minds Ltd is a professional services publisher for education, specializing in products that raise standards of school leadership and teaching and learning using critical and creative thinking. They provide online expertise in the form of magazines, articles, web information, books, training and assessment tools. Imaginative Mind's customers are schools and teachers from around the world. It is a spin out company from Questions Publishing Ltd, and is led by Howard Sharron, who founded both Questions Publishing and Imaginative Minds.

Imaginative Mind’s core mission is to provide support to teachers and leaders wishing to develop innovative strategies that will instill high level critical thinking abilities and creative and technical skills in children.

Program Objective

Imaginative Minds wanted to convert a paper base student assessment system into an iPad and web-based Application that could provide a clean, simple interface with touch-screen interaction to help schools in calculating progress and managing student report cards within British schools.

TechCompiler Solution

TechCompiler developed Climbing Frames mobile app which gave schools a detailed picture of pupil progress along with many custom reports. Teachers can now access the app from PCs, laptops or tablets to complete real time assessments and see detailed progress for individual pupils, classes, student groups and for the whole school.

Solution includes
  • Fair and Reliable Pupil Tracking
  • Fast, effective assessment
  • Teacher-led assessment based on national curriculum

Technology Used

  • Enterprise Applications
  • J2EE frameworks like Spring, Strut and JSFJ2EE Design Patterns
  • Java Persistence API frameworks like Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • JIRA bug tracking tool

How it works

Assess student based on national curriculum of student’s current stage on iPad or tab. It gives schools a detailed picture of pupil progress measured against the new National Curriculum. Application provides teacher to identify real time progress of a student and mark them on app. This makes the App a Teacher-led assessment instead of application based assessment.

Teachers can quickly build up detailed pictures of each pupil’s progress and then track this by progress to date, by subject and by class progress.

How it looks

1. Application Dashboard


2. Student Progress Report


3. Data Input Screen