i-WIGT iPAD Application

Client Profile

Imaginative Minds Ltd is a professional services publisher for education, specializing in products that raise standards of school leadership and teaching and learning using critical and creative thinking. They provide online expertise in the form of magazines, articles, web information, books, training and assessment tools. Imaginative Mind's customers are schools and teachers from around the world. It is a spin out company from Questions Publishing Ltd, and is led by Howard Sharron, who founded both Questions Publishing and Imaginative Minds.

Imaginative Mind’s core mission is to provide support to teachers and leaders wishing to develop innovative strategies that will instill high level critical thinking abilities and creative and technical skills in children.

Program Objective

Imaginative Minds wanted an iPad and web-based Application could provide a clean, simple interface with touch-screen interaction to help schools in assessing, mentoring and improving teaching standards and learning within British schools.

TechCompiler Solution

TechCompiler designed “i-WIGT” which is an iPad and web-based Application provided to any authorized observer for assessing a teacher. It helped schools, to create lesson observations quickly and effortlessly on iPad, identify core areas evident in effective teaching and learning, refine observation by year group (from EY to Year 11), key stage, subject and class ability level.
Our system was flexible enough to provide following benefits:

  • Create Real-Time observations
  • Exceeding national criteria
  • Instant Feedback
  • Continual Professional Development
  • standards and learning within your school.

i-WIGT is based on national and international research data of best practices in teaching and learning domain. The framework has been developed in schools over decades. The highly-successful print version is currently being used in 1000+ schools in UK.

Technology Used

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Xcode, Objective-C
  • J2EE frameworks like Spring, Strut and JSFJ2EE Design Patterns
  • Java Persistence API frameworks like Hibernate and TopLink
  • Mysql, Sqllite
  • JIRA bug tracking tool

How it works

Create lesson observations quickly and effortlessly on your iPad. Identify core areas evident in effective teaching and learning. i-WIGT matrix describes what teaching looks like against national criteria drawn from Ofsted(Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) and the Teachers Standards.
It is in two parts:

  • Learning – what pupils will be doing?
  • Teaching - what teachers will be doing?

Simply use your iPad’s touch screen to select each statement as ‘Met’, ‘Not Met’, or ‘Exceeded’. It collates observation data to produce a performance discussion report. This neatly summarizes where a teacher has excelled and any areas where they need to develop.

How it works

1. Application Dashboard


2. Create Observation


3. i-WIGT Matrix