Client Profile

Teenbeen Media Inc. provides media services namely News, Films and Events. Teenbeen Media Inc. wants to provide entertainment services to everyone.

Program Objective

Teenbeen Media Inc. wanted to Create an application which should be available on web that will allow users to view local news and reporters to upload news videos and do the Live news streaming of any event.

TechCompiler Solution

TechCompiler designed and developed an architecture for newsbeen App to develop it on web.
Newsbeen provides backward compatibility and it runs on web.

Technology Used

  • PHP 5.3.5
  • MySQL
  • Apache 2.2
  • Java script, Ajax, jQuery
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux

How It Works

Newsbeen App support following points for User and Reporters

  • Reporters need to register themselves to upload videos or Live streaming.
  • After successful reference check by back-end team, Reporters will get a welcome message to start uploading videos or Live streaming.
  • Live streaming can be done only by authorized Reporters.
  • Live streaming will be denoted as yellow dots on map and uploaded videos as red dots.
  • Reporters can upload a 5 minutes long videos only but there is no time boundation for Live streaming.
  • Uploaded videos will be checked and published by back-end team.
  • Live streaming can be stopped anytime by back-end team.
  • Users do not required to register themselves and they can enjoy watching videos based on their location.
  • When a new video is uploaded or a Live streaming will start user will get notification based on their location.
  • Users can search videos based on location or keywords.
  • Users can share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or via Email.

How it looks

1. Application Dashboard


2. Application Registration Form


3. Application Login


4. Application History Page


5. Application Latest News