Onix Application Manager Application

Client Profile

Onix, located in Lakewood, Ohio provides industry-leading solutions in information technology. Onix specializes in technologies and services that help optimize IT infrastructure for secure, manageable and reliable data. Since 1992, Onix Networking has been a leading provider of world-class IT solutions and services to a broad range of corporate and government customers worldwide.

Program Objective

Onix wanted to Build a GWT based application to help Google administrators and users of a domain to create/Update/Delete Users, Assign them to Organizations.

TechCompiler Solution

TechCompiler build GWT based java application deployed at Google app Engine using following API’s.

Admin SDK, Calendar API v3, Drive API v2, Gmail API v1, Google OAuth2 API, Contacts API

This app also allow Admins to assign a user with administrative privileges to Read Colanders, Google Sites, Google Drive, Groups and Shared Contacts across the Domain.

Authentication and authorization was implemented using both 0auth 2.0 and impersonation.

Technology Used

  • Java/J2EE, Google Data store, Various Google api’s and SDKs.GAE

How it works

Users share branded content (Facebook shares and Tweets) to unlock the prizes. A different cumulative number of shares/re-tweets are required for each prize. When the number of shares needed to unlock a prize is reached, the list stops and whoever is “cleared for boarding” wins the corresponding item.

How it looks

1. Application Dashboard


2. Create User


3. Manage User Articles