About us

At TechCompiler, we pioneer change through technology and innovation. As a global enterprise technology solutions provider headquartered in Rochester, NY, we empower organizations and professionals to adapt to the digital landscape. With deep technical expertise and industry experience, we unlock our clients’ full potential.
Who we are?

Our offerings span application development, technology consulting, custom software, and testing services. By providing valuable insights from analytics, advanced technology, and premium consulting services, we drive optimal outcomes. We assist clients in making informed decisions through impactful recommendations grounded in research and expertise.

At TechCompiler, we lead the charge in leveraging technology and innovation to transform businesses and lives. As custom enterprise software solutions developers, we turn ideas into reality.

Our core values

At TechCompiler, our core values contribute significantly to our office culture and drive excellence in everything we do—from working passionately, and hiring new teammates to our interactions with our colleagues, partners, and customers. These values include the following:

  • Quality in everything we do.
  • Open communication with everyone.
  • An environment where great people work together to contribute to the overall direction of the company.
  • Honesty, respect, and humility with each other, our partners and our customers.
  • Mindset to continually think ahead, while ensuring backwards compatibility.
Why choose us?

With quality service at the forefront of our business, TechCompiler has rich domain knowledge, technological excellence, and proven success managing complex projects. This enables us to address any challenge our clients face.

Our professionals have diverse platform skills and industry backgrounds. Meanwhile, our project leaders employ robust methods to ensure flawless execution. By integrating our consultants with clients’ staff, we promote skill transfer and unified vision.

What we do best?

We start by identifying strengths and gaps in your existing custom business applications and operations to gain an understanding of your enterprise, market sector, and competitors, as we make it our priority to truly understand your business goals and challenges before making recommendations for custom software solutions.

We kick off every new client relationship by having in-depth conversations to comprehend your unique situation, objectives, and pain points. Only once we feel we have a solid grasp of the context do we shift our focus to potential technology development solutions. Leveraging our decades of combined experience across industries, we conduct thorough research into your market landscape, competitors, and customers. We analyze where opportunities may exist to save costs, boost efficiency, increase sales, or otherwise propel your business forward with enterprise application solutions.

We explore various custom software options, weighing the pros and cons of each to determine the best course of action that moves you toward your goals while fitting within your budget. With creativity and care, we integrate the optimal blend of services, software development, and strategy tailored specifically to drive your organization's next phase of growth. Our attentive approach consistently uncovers unexpected ways for our clients to accomplish more with custom technology solutions.

Powering your business innovation with creative and adaptable digital technologies

TechCompiler is your one-stop partner that transforms your business with innovative and purpose-specific solutions. To keep up with the pace of digital transformation, our proficient and smart technical engineers, creative web designers, and developers have multiple platform skills and rich domain experience in various industry segments and modern technologies., so you can count on us to create custom software solutions to optimize functions and operations that align with your business goals.

Microsoft.Net is a popular framework for designing high-performing applications, aiming at building scalable and cost-effective tech solutions. From writing desktop applications and VB macros in Excel to writing Scalable Enterprise applications, our experts have sailed through an adventurous journey of Microsoft Platform evolution. Our team of Microsoft experts is proficient in the most advanced Microsoft stack and usage to build scalable, reliable, and secure applications.


As a custom Java development company, we are certified in creating high-performing, feature-rich applications that bring organizational growth. From writing java swing and applets with JDK 1.4 to writing Scalable Enterprise applications, our experts have sailed through an adventurous journey of Java/J2EE stack. From consulting to product deployment, our team of Java Experts will stay by your side and will provide you with proficiency in the most advanced Java stack and usage to build scalable, reliable, and secure applications. :


Our time-tested stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP can help you take your business to the next level. Leveraging our years of expertise in the PHP framework, we create powerful, tailored, and impactful websites and applications. Whether you have to build an application with an open-source package like Opencart, Magento, Joomla, or else your team needs a customized web application, our expert will identify the fastest possible way to build your application.


Our Salesforce development services leverage the power of the cloud to help companies enhance customer engagement. With expertise across industries, we provide solutions tailored to your unique business needs. TechCompiler Salesforce consultants focus on understanding your goals to design and implement Salesforce ecosystems that streamline processes and deliver actionable insights. Staying at the forefront of the technology, we continuously evaluate new Salesforce capabilities to identify opportunities that will create value. Trust us to be your strategic partner in leveraging Salesforce to accelerate growth.

React Native

Build strong cross-platform architecture leveraging the strength of our React Native application development services. When you share your vision with our creative and highly competitive services, we make it our mission to design and deploy the best solution that aligns with your business needs. Our clean codes can be used across multiple platforms, enabling you to build intuitive user interfaces, strengthen data security, and integrate impactful enterprise systems that can be used for both frontend and backend purposes.


Unlock the power of Python programming language to build scalable, flexible, and agile software products. Leveraging our extensive experience in Python web development services, we create dynamic web apps that exceed your expectations. From high-performing games, APIs, mobile apps, to websites, CMS, and frameworks, we can help you build software products that give a competitive edge to your business.


Elevate your digital presence with fully functional enterprise-level software using Angular Js development services. Its out-of-box functionality and extensive features make it an excellent technology that one can use to build user-friendly, feature-rich applications and websites. Our Angular developers have deep knowledge and broadened experience, so you can always count on them to deliver your projects within the stipulated time and budget.


Harness the capabilities of the cloud by utilizing our intelligent Amazon Web Services to build bespoke and agile cloud infrastructure for your business needs. Our certified AWS experts are dedicated to building new cloud-native apps, streamlining operations, and minimizing downtime so that you can drive your business to achieve a competitive edge in the digital era.


We empower your business to extract meaningful insights from data through SQL. Leveraging our SQL mastery, you can unlock your data's potential as a strategic asset. Having years of experience, our experts can write optimized SQL queries that quickly aggregate metrics, join disparate datasets, and automate reporting across our robust cloud data warehouses.

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Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, TechCompiler provides an environment that allows you to explore a dynamic career path to achieve your personal goals. Send your resume to hr@techcompiler.com