Java Platform

From writing java swing and applets with JDK 1.4 to writing Scalable Enterprise application, our experts have sailed through an adventurous journey of Java/J2EE stack. Our team of Java Experts is well proficient in most advanced java stack and usage to build scalable, reliable and secure application.

Product Development

Dedicated Product Development Lab Service Offerings
Programming Skillset Java, Google Apps, JDBC, JSP/JSTL, EJB, Servlets, JPA, REST/JSON, JQuery, MySQL, PostGres, Xml
Architectural Skills MVC, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), GWT, Distributed n-tier Architecture, Design Patterns, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Struts
Enterprise Driven Apps Proficiency Enterprise Java Beans, Java Message Beans, Message Queue, RMI, JNDI, Java Persistence API, Distributed Transactions Management
Application Integrations SKills Salesforce, Legacy Systems, Smartphone Applications, 3rd Party Products
Business Intelligence Technology Skills Solr, OLAP, OLTP, Business Dashboard, Complex Analytical Solutions, Big Data, Crystal Reports
Mobile Technology Skills Android, iOS, PhoneGAP, JQuery Mobile
Security and Identity Management Skillset Single Signon, LDAP, oAuth, OpenID, Social Authentication, Digital Certificate, Active Directory, CAS, Java Cryptography Extension, USB Token, Cryptography
Cloud Computing Skills AmazonEC2, Rackspace, Google VM
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